Back Home Again
Japan 2007 Tour Video - live cuts 4:11
The "Bridge of No Return" video
"Hajimemashite" music video - 4:48 - "Hajimemashite" means "It's nice to meet you (for the first time)" in Japanese.
One-minute trailer of feature-length documentary of Michael's 2005 music tour of Japan. Japan Hashi 2005 is part concert-film (filmed at the famous Shin Puh Kan in Kyoto), part travelogue (breathtaking scenes from Asakusa, Shinjuku, Kyoto, Kurama...) interviews, and more.
Femme Fatale - featuring Lorraine Lewis circa 1986

Tingley Coliseum; Albuquerque, New Mexico

Lorraine Lewis - Lead Vocals

Mazzy Rawd - Keyboards, Vocals

Mick Nichols (Michael J Downey) - Guitars, Vocals

David Benoit - Drums