Back home again

The hardest thing you’ll do,

Is doin’ nothin’ at all.

Always runnin’ away

‘til you start to fall.

Always lookin’ to find,

Instant gratification.

Won’t be satisfied,

Until I reach my destination now, right now

And I wanna be there right now.

Anywhere except be here now, right now.

Can’t get there from here right now.

No, no. Right now.

Yah, I’m makin a stand.

But I can’t stand still.

Can’t taste anymore,

But I get my fill…

So I’m back on the road.

‘Cause it ain’t so hard,

(to) go around the world

(when) it was always right here. Right in my backyard, right now.


The ocean ever changin’

Not still enough to see

Reflections, or just projections

Still harbor, what’s to be?

And so we go inside

Where I knew you long before.

It’s not the you reflected,

It’s the you there at the door.

Go in through the door

And love takes you inside

Forget what you came for

As you walk through the door

For all the good intentions

As a moth draws near the flame

It’s lost in the translation

And a higher call remains

If life and earth a circle

If love’s resistance least

As the sun sets in the west and

It rises in the east


On a cold, winter day

I saw you walkin’ away from me.

Then winter to spring,

Lover you bring to me.

I know we both hurt inside.

I know we both feel

That you and I should be as one,

‘cause I love you still.

Hold me don’t let go

Your love’s all I know.

I don’t care, and I don’t know, just

Hold me don’t let go.

Since you’ been gone

I knew all along you’d see

That after the fact

You would be back to me.

I know we both hurt inside

I know we both feel.

That you and I should be as one,

‘cause I love you still.

Since you made me believe that dreams can come true

It’s hard to see myself, livin’ without you, without you.


The road from here is long, but with your help I’ll be strong

Follow me, follow you there.

You’ been there before. You’ been waiting for so long.

I’ been waiting too, just for you, but the time was wrong.

Now you come around with your sound all around do you wanna hear?

I just wanna play, it’s OK, so you say, where ‘we go from here.

(I wonder why) It took so long for me to find you

(I wonder why) The hardest part is behind you

(I wonder why) I don’t have to remind you, that it’s true…

The road from here is long, but with your help I’ll be strong

Cold, dark clouds will go away.

Where we go is not important, long as we go. Follow me, follow you there.

You’ been through it all, yah the players come and go.

Wanna feel secure, wanted to be sure, yah you wanna know.

That’s OK by me, ‘cause I see you’ll agree this ain’t no one night stand.

‘cause all I wanna do is rock and roll with you, come and take my hand.


Stuck out here somewhere

In the middle of no where.

‘like to crawl inside, crawl inside and die.

We’re payin our dues

But we’re not singin the blues

Although sometimes, I swear, this guitar cries.

We’re halfway to heaven

Halfway to hell

Black ‘n’ white, wrong ‘n’ right, it’s all the same.

But ‘ya gotta fight dirty

Gotta keep your hands clean

If you wanna play, play in this game.

It’s the longest night of the year

And I still haven’t shed one tear

I’m still wonderin’ why I’m here

On the longest night of the year

You there across the mountains

You there across the bar

I know you both, y’ both been abused

For the first time in my life,

I don’t know what to say

For the first time in my life I’m confused

Inside I’m still burnin’

Outside a storm in churnin’

All I wanted was a breath of fresh air

I’ll be packin’ up my suitcase,

Tyin’ up my shoe lace

Am I home here, is it really there?


It’s never just a harmless little love song

or the tale of your own tears.

So give a listen when I tell you,

To keep that sad song from ringin’ in your ears.

‘Cause there’s more, oh, so much more.And this old world ain’t never gonna change.So it’s up to you my friend,

To start all over again

And make your world, a be
tter place to live.

Hello, how are you, good to see you.

After all these years.

Just like springtime, follows winter.

So will laughter flow from your tears


(As the) Sun goes down, this dusty town

I look around, somewhere I’d rather be.

(‘cause when the) heat is on you ride ‘til dawn

Don’t care, just gone, that’s all I wanna be.

Desparate, but you’re right (we’ll still be…)

Leavin’ it, every night.

Until one day we find, we can leave it all behind,

They say passion is blind, but I believe… (we’re gonna ride it out)

On thru the night, until mornin’

On thru the night, ‘til the break of day

Y’ don’t have to take me in, but you don’t have to turn me out.

On thru the night. On thru the night.

On thru the night, we’re gonna ride it out

The cold winds blow, the lights below

The full moon glow, no where I’d rather be.

So take my hand, you understand

The promise land, that’s all I wanna see.

On the edge, in the night (but you just…)

Can’t be found, in the light

Until one day we find, we can leave it all behind,

They say passion is blind, but I believe… (we’re gonna ride it out)

If I could make you see, if I could take you there with me

You don’t know you hold the key but you do…(so turn it, turn it now)


You got your life, I got mine.

We both answer to the people standin in line.

To them you’re a goddess,To the others I’m a star.

But when the show is over, We know who we are.

We know we’re never gonna make it

But what we got, it goes beyond,

The world outside.

Behind these walls we hide.

Good lovers, better yet, best friends.

I called you up, you let it go

Too scared to get too close, too scared to let it grow.But what the hell is real, and what is right?

What’s real is right now, what’s right is tonight.

No one will ever know, the places that we go.

But it’s rainin’ outside, On the streets below.

We don’t ask for much, just every now and then,

Whenever it gets too cold outside, we gotta see us again.


Once in a dream or so it would seem by now, So far away

Final beginning, lost you by winning myself

But maybe someday…

…day after day, we grew further away.

‘Til I turned around, and you were gone.

And I can’t find my way back to you (can’t find my way)

I try but I just can’t get through (can’t find my way)

But somewhere in the night

There shines a distant light

To find my way back to you

Then a change in the season gave me a reason, To ask myself where you’d gone.

What will you find, will you leave it behind you now, Now that everything’s new…

…New changes, old ways, they just turn around

But if you were here, you’d know what to do…Chorus…So far away…so far away…