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LAST SPRING in JAPAN...and a preview of this one by Michael J Downey on MyspaceShare your blog

LAST SPRING in JAPAN...and a preview of this one

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TOKYO - Shinjuku Gyoen Cherry blossoms full bloom!
TOKYO - Ochanomizu - Live at Kakado Seiko Ida - same night - Kakado
TOKYO - After the show And on to Hakone - hot springs town near Mt. Fuji
The ryokan (bed and breakfast) where I stayed -Bangakuro ...with a hot spring tub in every room.
...and the most amazing food. Then on to Kyoto (my friend Satomi next to the Kamagawa river)
Garden at Heian Shrine - Cherry blossoms everywhere! My friend Kazumi at Kibune shrine
A 2-day conference at the Kyoto Int'l Convention Center click HERE for more details
But not all work and no play...on a day trip to Kurama Kurama temple with blooming cherry trees
Muscians are everywhere - Here at Osaka castle Later that night in Osaka, with in Int'l cultural exchange group
And had to show these - eggs, hard-boiled in a hot spring! One last night in Tokyo, and it's "see ya next time!"




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