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  • Acoustic / Pop / Rock
  • SANTA CRUZ, California, US
  • Profile Views: 39,830

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Michael written up in "FRIDAY MORNING QUARTERBACK"

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Get To Know... Michael J Downey
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Town and state you grew up in: Gary, Indiana

Town and state you live in now: SF Bay area, California

First instrument: Drum - I was just a kid, and ended up ripping it apart to see what made "that sound"

Instruments you currently play: Guitar, keyboards

First performance: Merrillville, Indiana Junior High school dance  "Since I can't dance, I may as well learn how to play the guitar, and save myself the embarrassment."

Last book you read: The Decay of the Angel ·Yukio Mishima

Favorite movie: Blue Velvet ·David Lynch

Song you wish you had written: "Muskrat Love" by Captain and Tennille. If I'd  written it, I would have taken it out to the backyard, buried it, and told myself that this never, never happened.

Favorite song: "Born To Run"- Bruce Springsteen

Three people (alive or dead) you would want to have dinner with: Mohammed Younus ·Nobel peace prize winner for introducing micro-loans to 3rd-World countries, Kim Jong Il ·just to ask him WTF?· Yumi Yoshimura ·(Puffy AmiYumi)

Three CD's you can't live without: Don Henley ·Building the Perfect Beast, Beatles ·Revolver, Puffy AmiYumi · Nice

Guilty pleasure: Hot Springs

Your most recent project: america album and video

Message to the world: Be good to each other, and try to put something good out into the world 

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Michael J Downey