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Help! Where's that confounded Bridge? by Michael J Downey on MyspaceShare your blog

Help! Where's that confounded Bridge?

Hello everyone,

I need your help! We're shooting a video in August for the new album "Bridge of No Return," and we need a bridge. Not just any bridge, but one that looks as much as possible like the one from this link:

There's this bridge, called Panmunjeom, that separates North and South Korea. At the end of the Korean war, people were given a choice of staying where they were, or crossing over the bridge to the other side. But once they crossed, they could never return. And even today, hundreds of tourists go there everyday, as if it's an epicenter, a nucleus of this volatile energy that permeates that part of the world right now. So, that's what the title song is about. Doesn't matter whether it's near LA or San Francisco/Bay Area, we just need something close to either, and accessible. So, please, if you've seen this bridge (sounds like a milk carton adc) let us know!


Meanwhile, this month/July I'm in recording this album in LA with producer David Longoria (Sting, U2, Train, et al). I'm having a blast doing it, and creating something with his direction and their team of awesome artists and technical wizards that I'm really excited about.

So, we'll shoot the video in August, and in September we'll be doing a series of showcase concerts in LA and the Bay area for the CD Release.

Then, in October, we'll be going to Japan, China, and Korea. I'm happy to be reaching more people there, as my manager at IRL has secured licenscing and digital distribution deals in Korea and China, and is working on a label deal in Japan.


So, thanks in advance for any help on this, detectives. Stay in touch, and look forward to seeing you all soon,








Michael J Downey
    Michael J Downey

    Asked for one, and got two. Thanks to all who emailed with suggestions. The first one is Barnsall bridge, down near Oceanside, and the second is in Watsonville, near Santa Cruz. Getting a permits this week, and crewed up for the shoot. This is gonna be a blast!

    5 years ago