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HAJIMEMASHITE To Be Japanese Conference Theme Song

September 19th and 20th, 2009
Osaka, Japan
Kansai Music Conference - "Building Bridges with Music"
Theme Song - "Hajimemashite" by Michael J Downey and the World

"What is KMC?"
Kansai Music Conference is the future of music in Japan: An international event open to all genres of music and all nationalities for the purpose of international exchange and networking through music.

KMC 2009, will be held at
Convention Room AP Osaka on Sept. 19 & 20. Two days of clinics, presentations, workshops and panel discussions and two nights of live music showcases featuring national and international artists in live venues around Osaka city.

2009 KMC Theme Song - Hajimemashite (Michael J Downey) 
"Building Bridges With Music"
With this year’s theme, KMC aims to create a network of musicians, organizations and music fans working together to better the music scene in Japan through communication, interaction and cultural understanding.

For more info, registration, etc:

By the way, "Hajimemashite" (pronounced ha-jee-may-mash-tay) means "nice to meet you (for the first time)" in Japanese.


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