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The Bridge of No Return

   Saturday, July 8th, 2006. Studio City, California. I'm here recording tracks for the new album, "Bridge of No Return" with producer David Longoria (U2, Sting, Aretha, Train).  I look out the window of this Universal City hotel at the blue pool below me, the precariously placed mansions dotting the hillsides around me, the hazy, blue skies - like a Hollywood diffusion-filter that smooths out the rough edges, and makes everything look faaaaabulous. Having lived just a few blocks from here some years ago, I'm reminded of how some things never change. The bustle on the streets below - everyone scrambling to get to where they're going - whether it's fame and fortune, or breakfast with an old friend.

As the album begins to take shape, and plans for the Asia tour - Japan, Korea, and China, in October-  come together, I'm excited, driven, and yet sad at the same time, for the unrest in the world right now-especially in Korea, where the inspiration for the title song came from. There's this bridge, called Panmunjeom, that separates North and South Korea. At the end of the Korean war, people were given a choice of staying where they were, or crossing over the bridge to the other side. But once they crossed, they could never return. And even today, hundreds of tourists go there everyday, as if it's an epicenter, a nucleus of this volatile energy that permeates that part of the world right now.

I hope that by making this album, at the very least, I can send the message that "hey, we hear you, you're not alone."

Well, it's off to the studio for today. Feel free to chime in and say hello!




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