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Rehearsals in LA

The band went into rehearsals for the upcoming Japan tour this weekend in LA! Christina has been touring internationally with recording artist "Diego" and Jessica has been plying her talents with West Coast faves like "BandShe." So, I'm especially stoked to be playing with these 2 happenin, talented, hot players! Already, the guys in Japan have been writing to know more about the girls in the band...

Last night, after rehearsal, I went over the hill to Hollywood to meet a friend - what a circus that was! With the Academy Awards just getting out, Oscar parties everywhere, traffic was a mess! But very festive...

Anyhow, we're rehearsing at Elevated Audio - a great rehearsal studio, for other LA musicians looking for the best, at a great price! Elevated Audio

So, from the 3 of us... see you soon!



Michael J Downey