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Do you make New Years resolutions?

Current mood:optimistic

Happy New Year, everyone! After the roller-coaster that 2007 was, I say "bring it on!" For me, 2007 brought the highest highs (Top 10 single, International tours, etc.) and lowest lows (economy, my "day-job" business in trouble, moving, etc.). All in all, I've got no room to complain. Looking back at the things I wanted to do in 2007, I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to accomplish all the important ones, and even surprised myself on some things (e.g.- it wasn't in the 'plan' to have a Top 10 single...)

Anyhow, how about you? Do you make resolutions? I stopped the typical blind optimism years ago, in favor of 'goals' - you know, measureable/tangible goals to reach. Here's mine for 2008:

Restore business –

  • Pending jobs/contracts
  • Project Management – software, website, flyers, etc.
  • Postcards to HOAs
  • Update CCS website

Japanese Real Estate – Buy income property

  • Internet research
  • Find real estate contact in Tokyo
  • Legal issues
  • Loan – Credit/Down payment

Japanese – to Level II this year


  • Japan – 4 times
  • Korea – 1 time


  • Follow up on political parties/candidates/"america" – theme song
  • One acoustic tour – Japan and Korea


  • Hair
  • Massage
  • Joints

  • Gina scholarship
  • Three 2008 Scholarships
  • New Listings - translations



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