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  HAJIMEMASHITE to Be Japanese Conference Theme Song
1/1/2011: September 19th and 20th, 2009
Michael in Japan - September 2009
12/28/2010: I wake up this morning early, as I have been lately.
What Do You Do On New Years Day?
1/1/2011: Do you have a New Years Day tradition?
  New Music, New Direction
1/1/2011: Just something I'm noodling around with.
Back to Japan '08
6/22/2008: It was a grey morning leaving San Francisco.
My Year in Exile
1/1/2011: It was late September 2007.
  Going Back to Japan!
12/28/2010: Go west young man...
Michael in Japan 9/20 - 9/26!
9/26/2007: I'M FREE!
Thanksgiving/Housewarming Party
1/1/2011: Thanksgiving Eve...
  You Know You've Really Made It When...
1/17/2010: And now, the laugh of the day.
Last Spring in Japan...and a Preview of This One
The Ocean
1/1/2011: Sequel to "The Playground"
  Fun Videos I've Worked On
7/4/2008: After I left the band Femme Fatale (MCA/Atlantic), I opted for a minor 'career change.'
We're Not In Kansas Anymore
12/8/2006: ...Waking up this morning was an effortless glide into semi-consciousness.
Michael Meets the US Ambassador to Japan
1/21/2010: As a member of the Japan Society of Northern California and as a representative of
  "BRIDGE" Video at Hollywood Film Festival
3/29/2008: It's good to be back in the neighborhood again.
Go East
10/4/2004: If life and earth a circle, if love's resistance least, The sun sets in the west and it rises in the eastů
Life and Death
11/3/2009: Walking into her room in the Intensive Care Unit of a Gainesville, Florida hospital last Friday...
  "Bridge of No Return at Hollywood Film Festival in March!
2/25/2008: Coming up! Friday, March 28th, I hope to see you all come out to the International Digital Video Festival in Hollywood.
  The Playground
6/19/2008: In a darker place, in a darker time, the remnants of a playground where children play lies surrounded by the city.
  "america" Considered for Democratic Party Theme Song
1/16/2008: Well, it's no big deal, but my publicist - Luck Media - sent a package to the Democratic National Committee...
  About Last Weekend...San Francisco
2/23/2008: Work, work, work...
  "america" Ends Up in Top 100 for 2007!
1/11/2008: Happy New Year! I'm amazed and humbled that our single "america" ended up in the Top 100...
  I Passed the Japanese Test!
2/21/2008: Well, it's no big deal, but to me, it's huge.
  Once in a Lifetime...
10/20/2007:, I'm not getting married! It's that 'other' once-in-a-lifetime event...
  Do You Make New Years Resolutions?
1/1/2008: Happy New Year, everyone!
  Michael Written Up in "Friday Morning Quarterback"
10/3/2007: Get to Know... Michael J Downey
  A Long Winter's Nap
12/25/2007: ...when ma in her kerchief, and I in my hat, had just settled down for a long, winter's nap.
  Top 10!!! MJD Single "america" Hits #6 on the AC Charts!
9/18/2007: This week, "america" hit's Number 6 on the national charts!
  Ever Wonder What the Inside of Michael's House Looks Like?
7/1/2007: Michael's in his home studio with producer Robert Eibach recording songs for the new album...
  Michael J Downey to Tour Japan as "america" Goes Top 40!
  "america" CD Sells Out on First Day
9/8/2007: Friends, I want to thank those of you who pre-ordered "america" and CD Baby.
  "america" Video World Premiere
8/31/2007: Join us at the WORLD PREMIERE of Michael J Downey and the World's newest video.
  "BRIDGE" Video at SF Film Festival!
8/9/2007: Somebody, pinch me!
  Submit-Your-Video Contest!
7/27/2007: Hey there. I gotta say, I'm really excited about the "america" video we're shooting in August...
  What Do Musicians Do When They Finish an Album?
7/14/2007: a word? PARTY!!!
  Japan 2007 "Bridge" Tour Live Video! MUST SEE!
5/27/2007: Japan 2007 "Bridge" Tour video.
  Japan "Bridge" Tour 2007
4/13/2007: Be here now...
  Rehearsals in LA
2/26/2007: The band went into rehearsals for the upcoming Japan tour this weekend in LA!
  And in 2007...
1/16/2007: If I've learned anything in this life, it's that we are not the sole scriptwriters for our lives.
  World-Wide Video Launch
8/27/2006: An ALL-STAR Myspace video!
  Going to Korea
11/5/2006: We're going on tour to Seoul, South Korea next week.
  The Bridge of No Return
7/8/2006: Studio City, California. I'm here recording tracks for the new album, "Bridge of No Return"...
  MJD - Japanese Website and BLOG
7/16/2006: Michael J Downey music homepage in Japanese.
  MJD - Korean Website
7/16/2006: Michael J Downey music homepage in Korean.
  Help! Where's That Confounded Bridge?
7/15/2006: Hello everyone, I need your help!